Pocket Vocab
Pocket Vocab
Pocket Vocab
Pocket Vocab
Pocket Vocab
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Pocket Vocab
Pocket Vocab
Pocket Vocab
Pocket Vocab
Pocket Vocab
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Pocket Vocab

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Endless Entertainment: With over 200 unique cards of animals, food, fruits, and many more, this item will be the new favorite for your child!

Vocab Fun: Pronouncing each word and its associated sound effect, Pocket Vocab makes learning new words exciting and fun!

What You Get: 
1 Pocket Vocab, 224 cards, 1 charging cable.

This is a must-have for children building their vocabulary and learning the meanings words carry. This is a one-of-a kind toy that enables children to have so much fun while learning.
Pronunciation & Sound Effect
Pocket Vocab plays both the card's pronunciation and sound effect, so that your child can imagine the word in their head!
Perfect for Parents & Teachers
Teach new vocabulary and pronunciations at home or in the classroom.
Simply insert a card into Pocket Vocab, and listen! Press the repeat button to play the sounds again!
Reduce Screen Time
Designed to mimic a screen, Pocket Vocab keeps your children away from phones and tablets, reducing screen time.
224 Unique Cards
Over 200 cards of animals, foods, people, and transportation come with Pocket Vocab!
Premium Quality Material
Pocket Vocab is made from a smooth premium plastic that is non-toxic and completely safe for children.

Why Kids Need This! 

Using great sound effects and colorful pictures, Pocket Vocab teaches both audio and visual recognition of essential words, perfect for preschoolers and early readers.


Outstanding Design

Pocket Vocab has no screen! Your little ones will have reduced screen time while learning new words and having loads of fun!

Additionally, there are built-in buttons to adjust volume and repeat the sounds!

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Start Learning in Seconds!

1. Press the power button and the welcome message will play.

2. Insert any card to hear the word's pronunciation and sound effect!